LuxPro LED Headlight with Knob Control Battery

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LED Headlight is used for surgical operation and examination purposes. It is compatible with any binocular dental loupes that sold in our store. By using supplied universal clip-on adaptor or other customized mounts, it will fit most TTL loupes. It is featured with 42,500 Lux brightness and 5700 K color temperature to provide bright, white and shadow-free light allowing the doctor to see tissue characteristics without distortion.


• Even Circular spot of light
• Extra Light Weight Design (Approx. 9g)
• Unobstructed Co-axial illumination
• Headlight can be attached to loupes with supplied mount
• Compatible with most flip up style loupes
• Universal Clip-on adapter for mounting Headlight to glasses or TTL loupes

• Adjustable direction of light
• Advanced Rechargeable Li-ion cells Battery
• 4400mAh battery – Operating Time up to 20 hours
• Remaining power level indication
• Reinforced light cable for best durability
• USB interface charge cable (may charge battery from computer etc.)

LED type White high-performance LED (3 Watts)
Light Intensity 42,500 Lux
Light Weight 9g (Without filter)
Spot Size 10cm@40cm; 11cm@45cm; 13cm@50cm; 14cm@55cm; 15cm@60cm
Color Temperature 5700K
Working Time Up to 10 Hours (Max. Power)
Light Size 16x18mm(without holder)
Battery Weight 140 g
Battery Capacity 3.7V  4400mAh
Charge Time <8 Hours
Warranty 1 Year
  • LuxPro LED Headlight
  • Orange composite filter
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (contained in the Power Control Unit)
  • Battery charger
  • USB charging cable
  • Carry case
  • Flip up loupe adaptor
  • Universal clip-on loupe adaptor
  • 3 cable fasten rings
  • 2 plastic cable clip
  • 2 metal cable clip
  • 1 hex screw driver

*Loupes in the photo are not included.

Other Adapters/Mounts for TTL loupes

We have customized adapters/mounts available for TTL loupes. This LED headlight have been mounted onto TTL loupes from Lenscan, Univet, Design for Vision, Surgitel, Q-Optics, Perioptix, Orascoptic, Sheer Vision, Rose, ExamVision etc. Please message us for any inquiry about your specific loupe mount: any message with photos (Front, Top and Back view) of your loupe will help.