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TTL Loupes

TTL Loupes

Skip the hunchback and let the loupes do the work.

Every pair of loupes is made exclusively for the wearer alone. Everyone is different, and we want to make sure your loupes are meant for you. By crafting your loupes to your measurements, you will experience the best comfort and optimal benefits.

Magnification available from 2.5x-6.0x.

NEITZ Binocular Surgical Loupes

Neitz Binocular Surgical Loupes

NEITZ Binocular Loupes BL Series with the most durable NEO Frame have the best balance of magnification, visual field diameter, resolution, and aberration to achieve a compact and lightweight product.

The visual field is bright, 3D image can be obtained easily, and focus can be adjusted to match working distance required for all users.

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