Vintage TTL V5

Vintage TTL V5 comes with mini round barrel design which reduces weight but keeps the wide field of view. It has excellent depth of field and has only 38 grams on weight ensures you all day comfort.



  • Available in 3 magnifications: 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x
  • Wide field of view and superior depth of field
  • The prescription can be added into both outer lenses and inner lenses
  • Customized working distance and declination angle
  • Made of high-quality optical lens, coated with multi-layer anti-reflection film, high light transmittance and clear image
  • Ultralight weight design (start with 38g) which is most suitable for professionals who need to work with LED headlight
Avaliable Frames
Magnification Working distance Field of View Depth of Field Weight
2.5x Customized 120mm 110mm 40g
3.0x Customized 130mm 130mm 41g
3.5x Customized 60mm 60mm 49g