Vintage TTL VS3

Vintage Square TTL VS3 has a design of mini square barrel, which is easier for peripheral viewing. This design reduces the weight and expand the field of view at the same time. One of the best selling loupes!



  • Available in 3 magnifications: 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x
  • The design of square barrels reduces the entire weight without impact on the field of view
  • The prescription can be added into both of the inner and the outer lenses (Sport frame comes with Rx insert as required)
  • Customized working distance and declination angle
  • The multi-layer precision coatings reduce reflectance and ensure 99.5% light transmission, which bring the brightest vision and enhanced depth of field
  • The micro-size and light weight offer you more comfortable environment and optimum performance
Magnification Working distance Field of View Depth of Field Weight
2.5x Customized 110-150mm 115-180mm 42g
3.0x Customized 90-130mm 70-165mm 42g
3.5x Customized 70-120mm 65-175mm 42g