Classic TTL C1

Classic TTL C1, the first generation of our loupes.



  • Available in 3 magnifications: 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x
  • Wide field of view and superior depth of field
  • The prescription can be added into both outer lenses and inner lenses
  • Customized working distance and PD
  • Customized declination angle to fit customers’ habits and nose height
  • Made of high-quality optical lens, coated with multi-layer anti-reflection film, high light transmittance and clear image
Magnification Working distance Field of View Depth of Field Weight
2.5x Customized 110-150mm 115-180mm 51g
3.0x Customized 90-130mm 70-165mm 51g
3.5x Customized 70-120mm 65-175mm 51g